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easyJet Airline Company Limited

easyJet, officially known as easyJet Airline Company Limited, is one of the largest lowcost airlines in Europe, operating domestic and international fligts between more than 100 European cities.

Beginning as a modest lowcost operation with a couple of elderly leased Boeings 737 between Luton and Glasgow, it is now one of the biggest airlines in Europe. It has brought not only Spain, Portugal, Austria and the Highlands of Scotland within reach of every traveller's pocket, but has also recently opened up the new member countries of the EU to tourism and cheap business travel with regular flights to Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary.

Internet bookings easyJet tickets were priced cheaper than booking over the phone, to reflect the reduced call centre costs and the planes were
repainted with the web address. Now, flights can only be booked over the Internet except during the 2 weeks immediately before the flight when
telephone booking is also available.

The EasyJet Plus card is a kind of loyalty program that works in conjunction with the Speedy Boarding scheme. Passengers who wanted priority boarding would pay between GBR 2.50 and GBR 7 per flight, or up to GBR 9 a flight if
they also wanted a dedicated check-in counter. With EasyJet Plus, you pay GBR 100 per year (GBR 125 in the first year) to get Speedy Boarding at no cost.
Well, no cost apart from the astronomical charge per year. You need to fly once every two weeks just to break even.

Easyjet don't often release discount codes for general use but they do sometimes surface via promotional campaigns in newspapers and magazines
or with marketing partners. Customers are often given personalised codes as compensation for cancelled flights. Find easyJet promotional codes you can on this pages:
Easyjet promotion code from putivnyk.com
Easyjet codes from retailmenot.com
Discount code from airlines-promo-codes.com
EasyJet is also opening new routes from the UK to Gdansk (Poland) and Lisbon and Madeira (Portugal). Just be careful about packing too much baggage.

On 28 June 2007, EasyJet announced it would expand its relationship with Hotelopia by launching EasyJetHolidays, which offers Travel Trust Association protected package holidays made up of EasyJet flights and Hotelopia accommodation products.


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